Tomorrow Today – What will the next decade bring?

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We’re finally back with another prized challenge! 🙌

This time the theme is: Tomorrow Today – What will the next decade bring? 🔮 💡 and we must say this edition is truly special – we’re hosting it together with Spark AR / Meta just like before, but also in partnership with the UAE National Program for Coder’s HQ, Dubai’s Museum of the Future and two brand partners: Emirates Airline and Accenture, who provided us with challenge statements based on their own missions and visions for the future.

In this challenge you can win up to $6,000 cash in each track✨ Scroll down to read more about: Theme & Two Branded Tracks, Prizes, Timeline, Workshops, FAQ and our Terms & Conditions.

Theme & Tracks 🔮

Overall theme of this challenge is Tomorrow Today – What will the next decade bring? 🔮 💡
Try to envision how technology and innovation will influence the way we live, work, travel and communicate. Will the next generation of employees ever go to the office? Or are we all going to drive there in smart, self-driving cars? Will the socio-economic differences between countries and cultures have a lesser influence on our youth’s opportunities?

Show us how you imagine the next decade using Spark AR! In both tracks we’re especially looking for AR Effects featuring and utilizing: Scene Understanding, Object Tracking, Hand & Body Tracking, Multipeer and World AR.

Track #1 💫 ✈️

Emirates Airline:
Mobility of Tomorrow

Connection is the most important aspect of today’s global society and its meaning will only grow and expand in the future. Emirates is challenging Spark AR Creators to explore how mobility and travel will change in the coming years. With air travel soon having its 120 years anniversary, it’s time to imagine the next era of our in-the-clouds journeys. From aircraft, inflight entertainment systems and pilots attire to the very essence of flying and travel – your challenge is to showcase your AR vision of the theme:
 Mobility of Tomorrow.

Track #2 ✨ 💼

Opportunities of the Future

Accenture is challenging Spark AR Creators to examine the role of technology and its impact on future societies, careers and our common goal of equal opportunities for all. Future jobs will not only transform in terms of place or workflow, but also most-wanted skills and most-needed tools. Reacting and adapting to disruptive technologies and constantly evolving work environments will bring both new opportunities and challenges to job seekers, workers and entrepreneurs around the world. These changes also offer a chance to empower women, youth and further marginalized groups. Your challenge is to create an Instagram AR Effect to explore and envision the Future of Work in your own AR way.

Prizes 🎁

In each of two tracks described above you can win:

One (1)
First Prize of $6,000 cash

Three (3)
Secondary Prizes of $3,000 cash

Six (6)
Third-tier Prizes of $1,000 cash

Ten (10)
Honorable Mentions worth $500 each

So overall we will award our Creators Community with over $50,000! 💰 Together with awesome opportunities to see your winning Effect used by Emirates Airline’s and Accenture’s social media accounts 🙌

Judging Process ⚖️

The judging process in this challenge starts with a pre-selection conducted by the Lenslist Team – you can be sure all of your submissions are tested and checked. Then, we invite our guest judges – from Emirates Airline and Accenture for each of their tracks and from Meta and the Museum of the Future in Dubai for both tracks – to give their scores on the best submitted Effects. Here’s who’s going to take part in the judging:

Ziad Traboulsi
Engineering Director, Reality Labs Partnerships at Meta

Anaelisa Aburto
Technical Artist at Meta

Dina Khalil
Technical Artist II at Meta

Xavier Anglada
Managing Director – Energy GCAL and Innovation Lead in the Middle East at Accenture

Keenan Hamza
Vice President, Technology Futures & Innovation at Emirates Group

Sundar Raman
Director of Technology at the Museum of the Future

And of course the core of our Lenslist Team, consisting of: our CEO Paweł Jarco, Co-Founder – Zuza Śliwińska, our AR Project Manager & Research Lead Aleksandra Juś and last but not least your favorite Community Manager – Jana Michajłowskaja.

Timeline 📆

This challenge is open NOW! You can submit your AR Effects between May 23rd and June 19th, 2022.

Workshops 📘

To help you come up with the best submissions possible, together with our friends at Meta we decided to organize workshops with two of the top, most well-known and skilled members of our AR Community: Kym Fiala and Balraj Bains and just before the contest ends, we’ll also have some fun on a live Q&A with 4 AR Creators at once! See both tutorials from our Experts below.

Watch how Kym explained his process of creating a World AR Effect – you definitely know him for his next-level 3D masterpieces.

See Balraj explaining how to use Hand & Body Tracking to create a highly interactive AR Effect, transporting you into a whole new world!

AND last but not least – on June 7th, we’ll host an Office Hours Q&A / Fun & Games with 4 surprise guests from the Spark AR Community, of course hosted by our Lenslist Team!


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